Sturgeon range all over Europe

1700 CEEurope

“At the turn of the eighteenth century, the European sturgeon was found to have an almost pan-European distribution . . . At the southern and northern edges of the distribution, isolated catches were reported along the Maghreb littoral (Heldt 1934; Furnestin et al. 1958), and single individuals were fished in the waters surrounding Iceland (Saemundsson 1949) and along the Norwegian coast (Collett 1875) as far as the Kola Peninsula (Lagunov and Konstantinov 1954).”

C. Almaça and B. Alvin, “Past and Present Distribution of Acipenser Sturio L., 1758 on the Iberian Peninsula," BOLETÍN INSTITUTO ESPAÑOL DE OCEANOGRAFÍA 16 (2000): 11-16.

Image: Edited by Patrick WILLIOT, Eric Rochard, Nathalie Desse-Berset, Frank Kirschbaum, Jörn Gessner. Biology and Conservation of the European Sturgeon Acipenser Sturio L. 1758.