New York City, most walkable in US

2022 CENew York City

New York City is considered "the #1 most walkable city" in the United States. "New York boasts the world’s largest rapid transit system, a huge portfolio of bicycle lanes, and an impressive 29,000 acres of Parks stewardship. All of these aspects add to NYC’s walkability by providing safe, well-maintained areas for transit and recreation." The city has an ambitious plan to continue efforts towards leading in sustainable transportation with a goal of 80% of trips made through a sustainable method (walking, biking, or mass transit) by 2050.

Quote: Joe Peach, "From NYC to BOI: How Walkability Contributes to City Sustainability," Smart Cities Dive. "Transportation," City of New York, 2022.

Image: Ahodges7, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons