Largest prairie and wetland restoration in US, Glacial Ridge

2000 CEMinnesota

"Glacial Ridge is the largest prairie and wetland restoration project in U.S. history. When The Nature Conservancy and its partners initiated the project in 2000, only about 3,000 acres of the more than 24,000 acres purchased by the Conservancy was native prairie; the rest had been used for gravel extraction, crop production and cattle and sheep grazing. The restored grasslands and wetlands provide excellent habitat for prairie nesting birds, threatened prairie plants and wildlife . . . In order to restore the hydrology and provide wildlife habitat, the Conservancy worked with landowners and officials to fill in 103 miles of ditches, including 19 miles within Glacial Ridge. The ditches were dug to drain the land so that crops could be planted. By restoring the site's hydrology to its original natural condition, more than 200 wetlands were restored."

"Glacial Ridge is the nation’s largest prairie and wetland restoration project.," The Nature Conservancy.

Image: USFWSmidwest, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons