European sturgeon, thought to be extinct, now listed as critically endangered

1990 CEEurope

“European sturgeon (Acipenser sturio) is a critically endangered species, listed by the IUCN Red List 2010, CITES and Bern and Bonn conventions . . . Only from incidental catches in the 20th century it was deduced that the species was not extinct. Around 1990, two declining, relict populations were described in the Gironde-Garonne-Dordogne and the Rioni Rivers.”

N. W. P. Brevé, et al. “Exploring the Possibilities of Seaward Migrating Juvenile European Sturgeon Acipenser Sturio L., in the Dutch Part of the River Rhine,” Journal of Coastal Conservation 18, no. 2 (2014;2013): 131-43.

Image: Lydon, Alexander Francis. Acipenser Sturio. 1879.