The Mighty Baltic Sea

Personal memory by Evelina Baumane

2018Jūrmala, Latvija

I grew up in the center of Riga, however, my father lived in a different city next to the beach, so every weekend my brother and I used to make a trip to visit him. One of our favorite things to do was walk along the beach that has the softest sand and play in dunes that were adorned with pine trees and huge meadows. However, amongst the trees, there was a really old pine tree that was naturally leaning to one side because of the strong winds that came from the seaside. It was our favorite since we could climb it and play pretend. As we grew older, we didn't visit the beach as much and especially didn't visit the tree anymore. This year I wanted to show my youngest cousin the tree we used to love in hopes he would enjoy it as much as I did, however, the tree wasn't there anymore. That whole area of dunes including the trees was eroded from the Baltic Sea that keeps swallowing the dunes and beach more and more each year.