The Endangered Species Act

1973 CEUnited States

"Since it was passed by Congress in 1973 (on the heels of a 1967 precursor law), the Act has built up a stellar success rate, saving 99% of species it protects from extinction . . . Three vital provisions give the Act its teeth. It’s “citizen-suit” provision lets public-interest groups and individuals petition and sue sluggish federal agencies to make sure the Act protects species as it was intended to. Meanwhile its critical habitat provision — often enforced via the citizen-suit provision — requires those agencies to protect lands and waters species need to survive and recover. And finally, the Act’s consultation provision requires federal agencies to avoid jeopardizing protected species or “adversely modifying” — that is, damaging — their critical habitat in all actions they fund, permit, or carry out."

"The Endangered Species Act," Center for Biological Diversity.

Image: Andy Morffew from Itchen Abbas, Hampshire, UK, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons