The Bald Eagle

1963 CE - 2022 CE

"The national symbol of the United States bald eagles numbered 100,000 in 1782. By 1963, less than 1000 remained and the species was in danger of extinction because of habitat destruction illegal shooting and food contamination from the pesticide DDT. Protection under the Endangered Species Act the banning of DDT and conservation actions taken by the American public helped bald eagles make a remarkable recovery. Today, there are over 19,000 bald eagles in the contiguous U.S."


  • Protect and preserve potential roost and nest sites by retaining mature trees and old growth stands, particularly within 1/2 mile from water.

  • To avoid collisions, site wind turbines, communication towers and high voltage transmission power lines away from nests, foraging areas, and communal roost sites. 

  • If possible, bury utility lines in important eagle areas.


Video Source: The Cornell Lab or Ornithology

Audio Source: The Cornell Lab or Ornithology

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Macaulay Library, Cornell Lab of Ornithology