Sturgeon extirpated from Germany

1970s CEGermany

“In general, protection was considered only after the stocks were reduced to an economically insignificant factor. The subsequent prohibition of catches throughout the range, their background and intentions were not communicated to the fisheries effectively. Therefore, despite the protection status, sturgeons were caught and sold without any consequences for the fishermen. Overall population sizes continued to decrease, and finally the species became extirpated in the 1970s to 1990s.”

J. Gessner, S. Spratte, and F. Kirschbaum, “Historic Overview on the Status of the European Sturgeon (Acipenser Sturio) and Its Fishery in the North Sea and Its Tributaries with a Focus on German Waters,” Biology and Conservation of the European Sturgeon Acipenser Sturio L. 1758 (2011): 195-219.

Image: Kohler, Thomas. Stör. 25 Feb. 2011. Web.