Sturgeon as ‘regulum’

1500s CERome

“Its importance was also demonstrated by a bas-relief, originally in the ‘Forum piscium' (fish market) in the Portico of Ottavia in Rome, and since 1500 located in the Capitoline Museum in Rome in the Sala dei Conservatori, showing a sturgeon 115 cm long, that was used as ‘regulum' i.e., the reference measure to be used by authorized fishermen as minimum legal size for catches.”

Paolo Bronzi, Giuseppe Castaldelli, Stefano Cataudella, and Remigio Rossi, “The Historical and Contemporary Status of the European Sturgeon, Acipenser Sturio L., in Italy,” Biology and Conservation of the European Sturgeon Acipenser Sturio L. 1758 (2011): 227-41.