Stenogyne Kanehoana

2013 CEHawaii

Stenogyne kanehoana is a rare Hawaiian plant species known for its delicate flowers and "was first discovered by Harold St. John in 1934. In 1992, Stenogyne kanehoana was listed under the Endangered Species Act as Endangered: only 2-4 individuals, located on private land, were known to exist. Sometime in the years after listing, all of these plants were extirpated. From that point on, this species was assumed to be extinct, until a single, previously unknown individual was found in the wild in the year 2000 . . . With the discovery of this one plant, a number of individuals and organizations have mobilized to try to re-establish viable populations of this 'on the brink' species. Still the last wild individual was recorded in 2013. There have been no sightings since."

"Oahu Stenogyne (Stenogyne kanehoana)," Center for Plant Conservation.

Image: Oahu Army Natural Resources Program, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons