Southern New Guinea Swamp Forests

2023 CEPapua New Guinea

The Southern New Guinea Swamp Forests, nestled in the southern reaches of the island of New Guinea, boasts diverse wetlands and captivating flora and fauna. "The ecoregion is a mosaic of swamp grassland, swamp forests, savanna, gallery forest, and lakes . . . The extensive wetlands are important for both resident waterfowl and for those migrating from Australia . . . Of the 339 bird species in the ecoregion, 11 are endemics and near endemics species. The Fly River grassbird and greater bird-of-paradise are two of the many charismatic species." The region is also home to a rich array of mammals, including iconic inhabitants such as the tree kangaroo, the New Guinea quokka, the critically endangered Fly River water rat, and various bat species. "The Pulau Dolok Wildlife Reserve protects the largest area of the ecoregion, but clearing and burning for palm oil within this reserve is" widespread. Additionally, swamp forests are subject to mining-related pollution and land conversion for agricultural purposes, posing significant threats to the region's ecological balance.

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Image: Leonhard Lenz, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons