Restoring South Korea's Mountain Forests


"Lester Brown noted in Eco-Economy: Building an Economy for the Earth that 'Perhaps the most successful national reforestation effort is the one undertaken in South Korea beginning more than a generation ago.' At the end of Korean war hostilities in 1953, the country was almost completely deforested because of logging and heavy use of firewood during the 35-year Japanese occupation earlier in the century. Since then, national and local government efforts have turned bare mountains into forest lands. According to The Korea Times, 'Between 1961 and 1995, stocked forest land went up from 4 million hectares to 6.3 million hectares. Total timber rose from 30.8 million cubic meters in 1954 to over 164.4 million cubic meters in 1984. By 2008, 11 billion trees had been planted. About two-thirds of South Korea is now clothed with forest.'"

Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, "5 Successful Reforestation Projects," Insteading blog, 14 November 2019.

Courtesy of Yongchangjang