Reforesting Vietnam


"During the 1990s and 2000s, after decades of decline, Vietnam's forests began to increase in area. This growth came from both an ambitious program of afforestation and some recovery of natural forests....detailed examination of trade trends have shown that some—but not most—of Vietnam's success has come from leakage (that is, “exporting deforestation” by importing needed timber from neighboring countries rather than growing the wood itself.) And while the overall forest trend is certainly a positive one, the numbers also conceal the fact that deforestation continues. Just 1 percent of Vietnam's primary forests remain, yet they continue to undergo some clearance, often illegally....However, there is little doubt that forest area has expanded and that the trend is reversing. While leakage explains about 40 percent of the increase, this still leaves 60 percent that is real growth—a glass that is more than half full."

"Deforestation Success Stories, Tropical Nations Where Forest Protection and Reforestation Policies Have Worked," Union of Concerned Scientists, June 2014.

Courtesy of Binh Giang