Reforestation, Miombo Woodlands

1990sTanzania and Mozambique

"The Miombo woodlands of eastern and southern Africa are characterized by a widespread type of seasonally dry deciduous vegetation that covers about 2.7 million square kilometers....The woodlands also are ecologically significant for providing biodiversity, carbon sequestration, soil fertility, erosion control, shade, and water. The governments of Tanzania and Mozambique, two countries with substantial Miombo area, have run innovative programs since the 1990s...Tanzania's sustainable forest management policy is integrated with the country's poverty reduction efforts....Tanzania has enacted policies since the late 1980s that have decentralized resource management. By 2006, about 3 million hectares were under local management...In Mozambique, the N'hambita community is remote, with almost no infrastructure, and still recovering from decades of war....the N'hambita project, now called the Sofala Community Carbon Project, emphasizes both reforestation and avoidance of deforestation....By 2008, the N'hambita project had generated 1.1 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions reductions."