Reforestation, Kasigau Corridor

2011 CEKenya

"Named after Mount Kasigau, which emerges from the East African plains between Kenya's Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks and rises to 1,641 meters, the Kasigau region is mostly what is called bushland. In ecological terms, 86 percent of the area is Acacia-Commiphora dryland forest. This refers to its dominance by relatively small trees and shrubs, without a closed canopy....Kasigau is also the location of one of the longest-running private efforts at large-scale conservation in Africa. Originally established in the late 1990s to provide a corridor for elephant migrations between the two Tsavo National Parks, it has been expanded in the past decade into a REDD+ program as well, designed to protect the carbon stock of about 200,000 hectares of woodland and dry forest. In the first phase of the conservation project, emissions were reduced by providing alternatives to slash-and-burn farming....In the second phase, the main focus has been on the land that was previously leased out to cattle ranchers, who were instead paid to lease the carbon rights to their land to Wildlife Works—the organization managing the project....By late 2012, revenues from the sale of voluntary carbon credits had already reached $1.2 million."

"Deforestation Success Stories, Tropical Nations Where Forest Protection and Reforestation Policies Have Worked," Union of Concerned Scientists, June 2014.