Poultry Now Weighs More Than Twice That Of Wild Birds

2018 CEWorldwide

"We are living on the planet of the chickens. The broiler (meat) chicken now outweighs all wild birds put together by three to one. It is the most numerous vertebrate (not just bird) species on land, with 23 billion alive at any one time. Across the world, chicken is the most commonly eaten meat . . . The modern bird is now so changed from its ancestors, that its distinctive bones will undoubtedly become fossilised markers of the time when humans reigned the planet . . . The modern chicken only exists in its current form due to human intervention. We have altered their genes to mutate the receptor which regulates their metabolism, which means that the birds are always hungry and so will eat and grow more rapidly. Not only that, their entire life cycle is controlled by human technology."

Carys Bennett, Jan Zalasiewicz, Mark Williams, and Richard Thomas, "How chickens became the ultimate symbol of the Anthropocene," The Conversation, December 12, 2018.

Image: Public domain via rawpixel