Missing The Dirt Roads

Personal memory by Debra Oates

1974Lancaster, PA, USA

I live in Pa. Dutch Country where back 30 years ago there was hundreds upon thousands of dirt roads, dirt paths and even fields you could walk or drive into that would shield you from urban development. Today as I drive around the same countryside I see almost none. There is still one that makes me smile and I always have to drive my family through it when they come to visit. My mother is always saying Debby we can't go back this path it leads to someones home. Well it does, but it also takes you under a covered bridge, which has a stream that runs through it and then an unused set of railroad tracks that you must cross to make it to the other side. If and when you approach the lane the Amish will usually just wave. I am so glad that I still have 1 place from my childhood and teenage years to appreciate and to dream about. So where have all the dirt roads gone? What is missing?