Loss Of Naaman's Creek For Swimming

Personal memory by Adam Brown

1963Arden, Delaware

My family spent each summer in Arden, Delaware every Summer until I was 8. My mother's family owned a home there when she was a child. My father's father went there as a teen. It is our family's soul-place. Arden is integral to our identity and our spiritual essence. My brother's ashes are strewn there. When I was 8, the swimming hole, which was created by damming Naaman's Creek was condemned due to pollution from suburban development upstream. We stopped going there, along with all the other Summer families, for that reason. Our woodland retreat was no longer habitable. The pool, which was the heart of the community was closed. Now weeds have taken over the place we once frolicked. Arden is now part of the suburban sprawl of northern Delaware. The generational links have been severed. We mourn this loss still to this day....