Illegal sturgeon capture causes big stir in France

2004 CEFrance

“Following media coverage of an illegal capture and sale of an A. sturio in Les Sablesd’Olonne (France) in June 2004 the French Ministry of the Environment launched anadministrative inquiry which concluded that responsibility lay with the fisheries administration which had misinformed the fisherman . . . When a fisherman tried to sell a specimen illegally in Concarneau (France) in January 2007, he clashed with the director ofthe auction hall, who returned the fish to the water (and received official congratulations from the Fisheries Ministry, which can be considered as a positive consequenceof the awareness campaign among marine fishermen.)”

E. Rochard, “Present Legal Status of the European Sturgeon Acipenser Sturio," Biology and Conservation of the European Sturgeon Acipenser Sturio L. 1758 (2011): 251-55.