Fish Of The Seine Die By The Thousands

1921Seine River

“Fishers of the Seine have become famous in the history of Paris for their patience and for the fruitlessness thereof. But they seem, not unlikely to disappear from even ornamentation of the banks if the present bad season continues. The destruction which seized on the Seine fish last week and sprinkled the surface with white bodies has become a wholesale calamity. Two days of thunder and rain which broke the drought failed to save the gudgeon and roach, and with the return of a burning sun and shade temperature of 95 degrees thousands of fish are dying where last week there were hundreds. Fishers, rod in hand, who used to think a catch or two a day an event of importance, now watch aghast as more fish than they believed the Seine contained float past dead.”

”FISH OF THE SEINE DYING BY THOUSANDS; Surface Strewn With Bodies-- Heat and Dirtiness Are Theories for Wholesale Deaths.” New York Times. N.p., 21 July 1921. Web. 23 Aug. 2016.