Electric school bus to power the grid

2023 CEBurlington, Vermont

"Beneath their steel shells, these buses are packed with technology that could be vital in the transition to clean energy... The local utility puts their batteries to work, storing excess renewable energy so it can be pumped back into the grid when needed. The buses are a test of the idea that electric vehicles... [could be] a buffer that soaks up power when there is too much and provides it when demand for electricity surges... avoiding the need for utilities to fire up gas-fueled power plants when there isn’t enough sun or wind... Electric school buses, in particular, could be very useful to the grid because of their limited use during school days and broad availability during summer’s sweltering temperatures... The World Resources Institute is pushing U.S. policymakers to make sure all school buses are battery-powered by 2030, a goal that would also reduce asthma and other diseases in children by eliminating pollution from combustion-engine buses."

Jack Ewing and Ivan Penn, "How Your Child’s School Bus Might Prevent Blackouts" New York Times, Nov 7, 2023.

Image: Electric School Bus, California Energy Commission. CC BY 2.0 DEED. via flickr.