Eastern Hare-Wallaby

Extinct circa 1889 CESoutheastern Australia

"John Gould, a normally cautious authority, describes two of his fasted dogs coursing one for .8km (1/2 mi) and heading it right toward him. When the Hare-Wallaby was within 6m (20 ft) of him it 'bounded cleanly' over his head . . . The introduced European Fox proved to be the most deadly enemy of this species as it did for so many small marsupials . . . In 1850 the Eastern Hare-Wallaby was a common animal in northwestern Victoria, New South Wales and eastern South Australia. But the last specimen ever recorded was taken in New South Wales, 48 km (30 mi) north of Booligal in 1890."

David Day, The Encyclopedia of Vanished Species (Hong Kong: Mclaren Pub., 1989), 228.

Image: John Gould, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons