DDT becomes available for civilian use

1945 CEUSA

"On August 31, 1945 — three days before the end of World War II—the War Production Board revoked its allocation order reserving the insecticide for military use. Certification by government agencies for almost unrestricted agricultural, household, and other uses swiftly followed . . . There were great immediate profits to be made from DDT’s manufacture, distribution, and agricultural use; and there was an eager market for house, yard, and other domestic uses as well. Worldwide, there was a desperate need for all the food and fiber that could be produced, and DDT could do more to increase production than any other insecticide."

Kenneth S. Davis, "The Deadly Dust: The Unhappy History Of DDT," American Heritage 22, no. 7 (February 1971).

Image: OSU Special Collections and Archive, via Flickr