Climate Disaster

Personal memory by Ian Sanchez

2017Cimarron, NM 87714, USA

It was a reality that an activist like myself could not except. Watching a favored hiking region from my youth melt away was devastating. As a Boy Scout, every year we would choose many places to go hiking, the mountain regions of northern New Mexico being a favored spot in my troop. In 2013 my troop had traveled to a Scout Ranch in Cimmaron NM where every year it had always been a treat to see the tips of our summits and mountains blanketed in snow. Animals that require the cold mountain like climate will now have to find a new home, because my troop went back this year at the same time in May to find that the snow had melted earlier than expected that year. The snow on the mountains in the area I was in was not suppose to melt until mid July.