Canadian green hydrogen development

2022 CENew Brunswick

"A port on Canada’s eastern coast has unveiled plans to build a plant that will produce green hydrogen and ammonia for international export . . . With 200MW of power supply Recharge estimates the green H2 plant’s electrolyser capacity is likely to be in the region of dozens of MW, depending on the renewable source used . . . New Brunswick’s power system is dominated by hydropower and nuclear, which make up around 60% of its electricity production, with wind and biomass contributing another 11% . . . Green ammonia is made by adding nitrogen from the air to green hydrogen, via the centuries-old Haber-Bosch process. It is touted as a key decarbonisation fuel for shipping, and as a method of transporting green H2 for sale overseas. Crucially, green ammonia can also replace fossil fuel-derived ammonia for use as fertiliser, the production of which accounts for 1.8% of all global carbon emissions. Ammonia from the plant would be exported to international markets, said the BPA, with planned expansions allowing the facility to serve local markets as well."

Rachel Parkes, "Green hydrogen for Germany | Canadian port unveils ammonia plant plan as Scholz seeks supply deal," Recharge, August 22, 2022.

Image: Public Domain via National Archives and Records Administration, (NAID) 547014