Bourbon Crested Starling - Jacob De Cortimoy

Extinct circa 1840Réunion

"When I was a child, I have known this bird to inhabit the forest and live in flocks; their song was a clear note and they had a beautiful plumage.  The bird was very tame and, being young, I killed dozens of them.  When I returned to the Island after ten years in Paris, I found no further trace of them.  I used to keep them in a cage without any trouble.  They eat bananas, potatoes, cabbage etc."  (quoted by Hachisuka, 1953)

Fuller, Errol. Extinct Birds. Ithaca, NY: Comstock Pub., 2001. 364

Bourbon Crested Starling, Chromolithograph after painting by E. de Maes from J. Fraipont's Collections Zoologiques du Baron Edmund de Selys Longchamp - Oiseaux (1910).