Bonin Wood Pigeon

Extinct circa 1889 CENakado-shima Island

"It was generally a much paler bird than its relatives, but had a strikingly colourful back, which was described as 'metallic golden-purple' . . . A man named A.P. Holst took the last specimen of the Bonin Island Wood Pigeon from the island called Nakondo-shima in 1889. Between 1900 and 1929 various collectors searched the islands in vain for the bird."

David Day, The Encyclopedia of Vanished Species (Hong Kong: Mclaren Pub., 1989), 37-38.

Image: Watercolour by L. Kinsley Kcllbrd (c.1900). This is a later reproduction copied from a picture by F.H. Von Kittlitz.