Personal memory by Bailey Collins

2015Suwanee, GA 30024, USA

When I was younger, around the ages of 5-10, my neighborhood was rich with wild life. My house stood tall and proud next to a deep, sparkling, rich colored lake, which was inhabited by many wild life. When I would visit the lake, the one thing that caught my eye were the flocks of ducks and geese that thrived. They prospered. They were friendly, ate from your hands, and cared for their young. Everyday my small mission was to go down there and check on their nesting areas, as well as feed them and make sure were healthy. Life was perfect. The ducks knew me, and every time I traveled along that lake, they would follow me with their ducklings chirping and singing right behind. It was a game of follow the leader, and one I did not want to end. This had been their home longer than anyone who lived here. Unfortunately, all fun must come to an end. When one elder woman moved in and claimed the land as hers, she built a fence stretching across the entire lake, thus blocking off the view and beauty of the waters. Not only that, she had all of the vegetation, that the ducks and geese nested and lived in, chopped down and shredded up. To add salt to the wound, she finished it off by relocating the geese and ducks. Anger rose among the neighborhood, and many times the fences were torn down, however in the end, they were rebuilt and the awful sight continued on. Even though this may be, there was still hope, a happy ending. It wasn't only the people that fought back, but the ducks and geese as well. Not only did people bring them back to the neighborhood, but the ducks and geese moved into a nearby forest and continued to mate and reproduce. Soon, the lake was restored with geese and ducks, and the trees and bushes grew back in no time. The elderly woman found it too hard to keep up, and in the end, half of the fence was taken down, and today when you pass by that magnificent lake, you'll see groups of beautiful ducks and geese just continuing to prosper. To conclude, nature will always win and shine in the end.