A Meeting Of The Birds

Personal memory by Julia Anderson

1996Grove City, PA

I remember being 8 years old and watching flocks of birds fly from tree to tree. I used to believe they were having meetings about the weather, an incoming storm, my neighbor's dog or the humans below them. One day a flock landed in my favorite climbing tree. It was a summer evening, the air was cooling but it was still warm and I wanted to to hear their conversations. Slowly I climbed branch by branch, quietly till I reached a comfortable spot. For reasons I don't understand now the birds were not afraid of me. A few cocked their heads and looked down at me but made no movement to fly off. I sat and listened to their chirping until the wind changed and they took off to another tree. Branch by branch I climbed down the tree, their songs resounding from the tree across the street. Today I don't see these bird meetings. Even if I wanted to climb a tree and listen in on their conversations I couldn't.